Incorporated in 2010, as a partnership firm mainly through the entrepreneurship of Mr. Amlendu Bhushan Sinha, after successful completion of 2 years, In 2012, Mr. Amlendu Bhushan Sinha laid the foundation of M/s Bhushan Engineers & Contractors (India) Pvt. Ltd with a Vision to provide Quality Construction to Industrial, Commercial & Residential Sector. The Company initiated its operations in Delhi, NCR region. The Company soon established its reputation in quality construction with time bound projects & managed more than dozen of projects in Delhi- NCR region within short span of two years. Our Company had emerged as one of the most quality conscious general contracting Pvt. Ltd. firm based in Gurgaon proving repeatedly in the arena of residential, commercial & institutional construction. It has proved its ability to take upon large and complex projects and complete them within aggressive time line and under strict budget targets achieving highest quality standards. Our growing reputation in providing excellent quality product, optimum resourcefulness & quick responsiveness is no accident. It has preceded and aligned from natural consequence of putting values to every hard work that has gone to the company since its existence. These include our Brief Understanding of our client’s requirement, our preparedness for Optimum Utilization of our resources and our approach to every project with overall project Accountability and its Ownership. Hence we believe this is why our Clients, Institutional Organization, Architects, Consultants and Suppliers have placed their trust and confidence on us and we ensure that the same support is extended by M/s Bhushan Engineers & Contractors (India) Pvt. Ltd Contractors. Simply put, we think it’s a better way to build.